Monday, September 1, 2014

Fig and Date Sweets with Walnuts (1919)

  • 1 lb of figs
  • 1 lb of dates
  • 1 lb of English walnut meats
  • Confectioner's sugar
Remove the stems from the figs and the stones from the dates. Mix the fruit with the nut-meats, and force through a meat-chopper.  

Work with hands on a board dredged with confectioner's sugar until well-blended.  Roll to one-quarter of an inch in thickness. Shape with a small, round cutter, or cut with a sharp knife into three-quarters of an inch.  

Roll each piece in confectioner's sugar. Pack in layers in a tin box, putting waxed paper between each layer. These confections may be sued at dinner inplace of bonbons or ginger chips.

(Origin - "The J.C. Forkner Fig-Gardens Recipes - How to Serve Figs in the Home" by J.C. Forkner, 1919. Fresno, California)

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