Monday, May 11, 2015

Corn Cake, a Recipe in Poetry (1904)

"Two cups Indian meal, one cup wheat,
One cup sour milk, one cup sweet,
Half a cup of molasses, too,
Half a cup of sugar add thereto,
With one spoon of butter new.
Salt and soda each a spoon;
Mix it quickly and bake it soon.
Then you'll have corn bread complete,
Best of all corn bread you'll meet.
It will make you boy's eyes shine
If he's like that boy of mine.
If you have a dozen boys
To increase your household joys,
Double then this rule I would
And you'll have two corn cakes good.
And when you've nothing nice for tea,
This the very thing will be.
All the men that I have seen
Say it is of all cakes queen.
On Tyndall cam explain
The links between cornbread and brain.
Get a husband what he likes
And save a hundred household strikes."

(Origin - "Out of Vermont Kitchens" compiled by Trinity Mission of Trinity Church of Rutland, Vermont, and The Women's Service League of St. Paul's Church of Burlington, Vermont; 1939. This recipe was by Ada F. Freeman, Lake Bomoseen, 1904.) 

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