Saturday, October 17, 2015

Creamed Oysters (1904)

"Parboil one pint of prepared oysters, that is, oysters freed from bits of shell, and rinsed if gritty, drain, and use the liquor with enough cream to make one and one-half cups, in making a thick white sauce. 

"Season with salt, pepper, and mace, or nutmeg.  Add the oysters, using only the soft parts if large, and serve them in fancy shells.  

Sprinkle fine minced green pepper over the top and serve very hot, each shell on a fancy doily laid on medium-sized plates."

(Origin - "What to Serve for Luncheon" by Mary Johnson Bailey Lincoln, Dodge Publishing Company, 1904.)

More "Lost" Oysters Recipes

Scalloped Oysters and Corn (1953)

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