Thursday, August 9, 2018

Quaker Tomato Gravy (1954)

"Take a large frying pan, and using a suitable brand of grease, slice the tomatoes, dredge in flour, and fry. After they are fried, remove about three-fourths of the tomatoes, leaving a few that have, perhaps, started to disintegrate or fall apart.

"Remove pan from fire, mash tomatoes, and stir in a flour paste. Add pinch of soda. After these are well-mixed, milk in the desired quantity is added and frying pan is returned to heat.

"Caution must be taken that the milk is not boiled, and is just brought slowly to a simmer. Add the remaining tomatoes to reheat them. Salt and pepper can be added to season."

More "Lost" Quaker Recipes
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(Origin - "The Quaker Cook Book" by the Women's Auxiliary of the High Point Friends Meeting of HIgh Point, North Carolina, 1954.)

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