Thursday, May 9, 2019

Ol' Timey Fried Pies (1940)

"Stewed dried apples (or any other dried fruit). Drain off all juice, mash well, and sweeten.

"Roll out a rich pastry dough and cut into 5 or 6-inch circles. Place the cooked fruit in the center of the dough circles, leaving a margin around edges. Fold over, and moisten edges so they stick together. Press edges firmly together with a fork.

"Fry in a hot, deep fat, about 350 to 375 degrees, or in a small amount of fat in a frying pan. Turn pies so they will brown on both sides. 

"These pie are also good with a filling of mincemeat or any thick preserves. Some fancy people sprinkle powdered sugar on top of their pies after they cool."

More "Lost" Southern Cooking Recipes
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(Origin - The Old South's Original Mountain and Plantation Cook Book" compiled by Louise and Bil Dwyer. Compiled in 1980. This is a collection of "old timey"  Southern recipes.) 

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