Thursday, August 6, 2020

Summer Ambrosia (1870)

"Place upon a glass stand dish or deep bowl alternate layers of grated cocoanut; orange, peeled and sliced round; and a pineapple sliced thin.

"Begin with oranges, and use cocoanut last, spreading between each layer granulated sugar. 

"If cocoanut milk is available, sweeten and pour over the fruit. Serve chilled."

("From "Mrs A.P. Hill's New Cook Book" - 1870.) 

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(Origin - "Cook Book" published by The Congressional Club, Washington D.C., 1955. The Congressional Club was founded as a women's club in 1908, and included spouses of the President, Vice-President, cabinet members,  Congress members, and "women members of Congress." This recipe was provided by Mrs Judson C Clements of Georgia. Congressman Judson Clement served in the House for 5 terms, from 1881 to 1891, and as Commisoner of the U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission from 1892 to 1912.) 

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