Thursday, January 17, 2019

Civil War Vegetable Soup with Ham (1861)

"Put a pint of Lima beans, a half a dozen large tomatoes, two teacupfuls of corn cut from the cob, a few snap beans, and two teaspoonfuls of dried ochra, into five quarts of water, with  three slices of lean ham.

"Boil for two hours, and season with salt and pepper. Remove the ham before sending to the table. Thicken with yellow of egg and a little flour.

"A nice winter soup is also made by boiling a few slice of lean ham, half a pint of dried Lima beans, a few heads of celery cut up, and turnips and potatoes sliced thin. 

"A fourth of a teacupful of dried ochra will be a nice addition. A grated carrot, or a teacupful of stewed tomatoes, preserved in cans, will improve the color. If thickening is required, add some made of browned flour and water. Two tablespoonfuls of pepper-sauce will improve it. Put it in after the soup is in the tureen."

More "Lost" Soups
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(Origin - "Food in the Civil War Era - The South" edited by Helen Zoe Veit, published by Michigan State University Press, 2015.)

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