Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vienna Coffee Cake (1906)

Dissolve a cake of compressed yeast in one cupful of scalded and cooled milk. Add a pinch of salt and one tablespoonful of brown sugar.  

Sift one cupful of flour into a bowl, add the mild and yeast, beat to a smooth, light batter, free from lumps, and set away in a warm place till very light. 

Cream three quarters of a cupful each of butter and powdered sugar, add four whole eggs, unbeaten, three unbeaten egg yolks, and two cupfuls of sifted flour, working with the hand, and adding egg and flour alternately.  Incorporate gradually into the risen batter, working thoroughly with the hand. 

Dredge half a cupful of blanched and shredded almonds, a tablespoonful of shredded citron, and half a cupful of cleaned and seeded raisins thoroughly with flour, and work into the dough with the hand.  

Put into a buttered tube-pan or mould, and let rise in a warn place for three or four hours.  Bake an hour in a moderate oven. 

When beginning to brown, rub with softened butter, sprinkle with granulated sugar and spice, and set back into the oven until done.

All risen coffee cakes will keep well if wrapped closely in a cloth, and may be served cold or reheated in a brisk oven for a few minutes just before serving.

(Origin - "What to Have for Breakfast" by Olive Green, 1906. Published by G.P. Putnam's Sons of New York and Chicago. Part of Putnam's Homemaker Series by Olive Green.)

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