Friday, November 17, 2017

White House Turkey Gravy (1887)

"When you put the turkey in to roast, put the neck, heart, liver, and gizzard into a stew-pan with a pint of water. Boil until they become quite tender, and take them out of the water.

"Chop the heart and gizzard, mash the liver, and throw away the neck. Return the chopped heart, gizzard, and liver to the liquor in which they were stewed. 

"Set it to one side, and when the turkey is done, it should be added to the gravy that dripped from the turkey, having first skimmed off the fat from the surface of the dripping pan.  Set it all over the fire, boil three minutes, and thicken with flour. It will not need brown flour to color the gravy.

"Garnishes for turkey or chicken are fried oysters, think slices of ham, slices of lemon, fried sausages, or force-meat balls, also parsley."

(Origin - "The Original White House Cook Book" by Mrs. F.L. Gillette and Hugo Ziemann, 1887.)

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