Thursday, January 24, 2019

Civil War Doughnuts (1861)

"Mix together six pounds of flour and a pound and three-quarters of sugar. Stir a pound of butter into enough of warm milk to make up the flour into a stiff batter.

"Add seven well-beaten eggs to the batter, and a teacupful and a half of yeast, and set it to rise. When it is light, knead in flour enough to make a soft dough, some cinnamon and mace, and set to rise again.

"When it is very light, roll it out thin, cut it in shapes, and fry in hot lard. Sprinkle cinnamon and loaf-sugar over then whilst hot."

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(Origin - "Food in the Civil War Era - The South" edited by Helen Zoe Veit, published by Michigan State University Press, 2015.)

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