Monday, August 18, 2014

Celery Victor with Crab Legs or Shrimp (1946)

One of my pet salads, and I order it often at the Men's Grill at the St. Francis Hotel, is celery Victor (no, it wasn't named after me).

Served thoroughly chilled with a generous portion of fresh chilled crab legs or large shrimp,  it makes a satisfying lunch.

Cook two heads of trimmed good celery in boiling soup stock.  When tender, let the celery cool in the stock, then drain.  Cut the celery in half lengthwise, and again in lengthwise strips. and marinate in tart French dressing.  

Chill and serve with French dressing on crisp lettuce.  Garnish with crab legs or large shrimp which have also been marinated in French dressing.

(Origin - "Trader Vic's Book of Food & Drink" by Trader Vic Bergeron, 1946)

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